‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life’
-Coco Chanel

As many of you may know, the ‘BIG CHOP’ has become a popular trend within the black hair community over recent years- not only can it be defined as a stylish trend, it is seen as a solution.


The Big Chop is when the chemically relaxed ends of hair is immediately cut/ shaved off – in order to transition from chemically processed hair to natural hair, depending on how much new growth you have will determine how low your hair will be after cutting off the relaxed parts.


In my last blog I exposed the main damages that chemical hair relaxer causes (If you haven’t read that post scroll down and check it out)



Now people may wonder “ I don’t want my hair to be chemically processed anymore  , BUT what’ next?” 

 Reminiscing back to over 2 years ago I was at crossroads contemplating whether or not I should go bald and start all over again, for months I read articles and watched videos on the internet about cutting off relaxed hair and hair growth.

Although I had a vision of the targets I wanted my hair to reach (still working on it) I knew I could only achieve that vision of healthier, thicker, stronger hair the second I took that BOLD step. When you refuse to reach outside of your comfort zone it can disqualify you from reaching your goals (this is applicable to any kind of goal in life) Cutting off your hair may seem scary – but you have to remember that hair always grows back, bigger and better. Cutting off your hair takes away all the dead parts and leave your hair full of life.

Scissors isn’t your enemy  – the fear is!

After taking the plunge of cutting most of my hair off, I pictured my hair as a seed- cutting my hair was building a fresh foundation – where the new journey began, an opportunity to get to know my hair right from the roots, loving and embracing my curly/ coily hair type, taking the journey taught me how to be patient  and it always gave me the chance to experiment by trial and error and appreciate the progress over time.

Okay its time to get cheeky – by trying to persuade you why you should  consider chopping off  those relaxed parts.



1. By chopping and starting again – your giving you hair its own personality.


2. It leaves your hair stronger and healthier – which means bye bye breakage


3. The results!!! Why don’t you just  find out for yourself?


4. No dead or split ends ? Means your hair will grow better and longer.



5. Can we just stop and appreciate the volume and thickness when you leave chemicals and go natural!

Doesn’t that just sound like hair goals ??

I will leave you to think about that.


See you in my next blog.



Peace&Love x

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