Welcome back to my returning and new readers! In this blog post I will be suggesting some important tips useful for retaining hair length and encouraging healthier hair. Before I get in to that I would like to stress on the statement that ‘black hair doesn’t grow’ is a MYTH!!! I too was guilty of saying and believing that this was true in my younger and naive years but in fact hair grows about half an inch a month which is roughly about 6 inches a year but of course that depends on the person as we are all different.  Black hair tends to needs some more TLC than other hair types – it’s just the matter of taking the right steps before you can see results.

Why is this?

Caucasian and Asian hair strands are usually thicker from root to tip, whereas Black hair is often curly and therefore weaker than straighter hair types, this is because curlier strands represent weak points in the hair channel which makes it more likely to breakage, in simpler words afro hair strands are thinner and uneven from root to tip meaning it has higher tendencies to tangle and can break easier as a result of this.

I will now suggest some helpful tips that will encourage hair growth. Hope this helps!

1. Clean Scalp and Hair

We need to make sure that our hair is clean the reason for this is that healthy hair starts from the roots. When your hair is washed it removes dirt and oil- by washing your hair you get rid of build-up which is likely to clog up your hair follicles and by this reduces hair growth. You can use shampoos to wash your hair but be mindful to find the right one for your hair type , if you notice that your hair seems dry or crisp maybe think about changing your shampoo, also because black hair tends to be dry it wouldn’t be recommended to wash your hair everyday as shampoo strips natural oils from your hair but get to know your hair and decide how often you want to wash your hair.  Maybe once a week or every other week. After washing your hair with shampoo use your regular conditioner to regain moisture. 

2. Protein Treatments / Deep Conditioning

A protein treatment has protein goods that attach directly to the hair follicles- this places a wall around the follicle which protects hair from damage making it stronger and helps to reduce breakage. Deep conditioning allows for hair to gain moisture leaving it softer and easier to manage, giving it life. A very common question asked is “How long should I leave a deep conditioner in my hair for ?” Depending on the condition of your hair it could range from 10 minutes to overnight , it also depends on how often you do it. It is recommended to be left in for 10 minutes as deep conditioners tends to be heavier than your regular conditioner. Personally for me because I only do it once a month I usually spread it over my hair put on a shower cap and leave it overnight- it works perfectly for me. You can deep condition your hair with either shop bought conditioners or home- made hair masks.

Comment below and let me know if you would like me to recommend some good deep conditioners and home recipes.

3. Stop Using Towels

The rough and harsh texture of towel is quite damaging for hair when drying and rubbing your strands with a towel, the friction also causes unwanted frizz and the heaviness of a towel can pull on the roots- a solution is to use a t-shirt instead which soaks up the water.

4. Detangle

Detangling is very important as it helps to remove tangles that causes  knots,  breakage and split ends. When you detangle properly it will help you not to break off your hair. I would recommend detangling your hair while it is wet by using a conditioner or even just water, this will allow for the process to be easier but if you do detangle while the hair is wet make sure you are gentle as wet hair is delicate. You can use your fingers to detangle before using a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush.

This is the detangling brush I use.

I don’t want this blog post to be too long, so if you want to find out more tips on how to take care of your hair. Stay tuned!

I would love to hear some tips from you guys!

See you in my next one!

Peace&Love x


  1. Great Post. Very informative & visual. I currently have several deep conditioners but would say that the Bamboo Mask by Hair chemist was good for my strands.

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  2. I actually wished you’d continued lol I was meant enjoying that. You made me reflect on where I maybe going wrong as my hair growth has really has really become stagnant after the first year😓 I might start doing overnight deep conditioners more often as I feel my hair loves them. Great post hun x

    Liked by 1 person

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