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In my last blog post ‘WHAT OUR HAIR NEEDS: PART I’ I provided 5 helpful and essential tips that are needed in order to encourage healthier hair and help maintain and improve hair length. In this blog post I will be sharing 6 more useful hair care tips that we should all incorporate in to our daily, weekly and monthly hair routines.




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6. Moisturize

When you moisturize your hair it eliminates dryness – this prevents breakage and also leaves your hair softer, moisturising also helps in hydrating the hair, it is important to apply water based moisturising hair products or leave in conditioners and then seal in the moisture with a good oil. Avoid using hair products that contain alcohol because it can be drying.


I will provide a short list of the following hair oils that I would recommend for moisturising;

1. Jamaican black castor oil

2. Coconut oil

3. 100% Pure Shea Butter

4. Glycerin

5. Tea tree oil

Let me know if you would like a full review on the products mentioned ALSO what hair oil would you recommend? COMMENT BELOW.


7. Get to know what your hair likes

Although I have mentioned a few oils that have worked well for my own hair and has a reasonably good reputation in the hair community, you need to remember that everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another. One thing I have learnt on my hair journey is that there will be a lot of experimenting which may lead to trial and error but one thing is, you will never know what your hair likes unless you try , obviously it would be important to try hair products that do cater to your hair type. Also taking your time to experiment with one oil, conditioner, shampoo or other essential products will save money as you really wouldn’t want to buy the whole hair supply store at once now would you ..


8. Satin bonnet, scarves and pillows.

Satin! What a holy grail of mine that is…

When you protect your hair with a satin scarf at bed time it prevents your hair from getting tangled and messy which is a pro when you have a hairstyle your trying to maintain and retain, whereas when you lay your head on a cotton pillow the rough texture causes friction between your hair and the pillow and this leads to breakage and thinning of hair. Satin materials also don’t suck out the moisture in your hair unlike cotton which  is a moisture absorbing material.

If you want to save those extra coins just tie a satin scarf to your pillow- I find this helpful on the nights I forget to wrap up my hair or I can’t find my satin bonnet. 

You can find satin bonnets in your local hair supply store and you can purchase fairly priced satin pillows on Amazon or Ebay


9. Protective hair styles.

I would recommend protective hairstyles as it prevents damage to the hair- it does this by reducing the amount of manipulation (constant styling) done to the hair and also protects the end of your hair strands this indeed prevents tangling and encourages growth retention, these styles also protect your hair from being exposed to TOO much sun, wind and dry air as this also tends to dry out the hair.
Protective hairstyle also help to reduce touching and fussing… just leave it alone but don’t forget to moisture even when your hair is in those styles. 

Some ideas of protective hair styles;
– Cornrows, Twists, Braids, Buns, Natural updos , Weave installations, Wigs, African threading.

Comment your favourite protective hair style down below.

Don’t leave in these hairstyle for months as your hair also needs to breathe. 

10. Reduce the heat

When you constantly use heat on your hair, your hair is prone to heat damage, dryness and breakage and thinning. In order to avoid heat damage, reduce the amount of heat on your hair by not allowing it to become a constant routine, if you wash your hair don’t always use a blow dryer instead try the air dry method .  Whenever you use a blow dryer, straightener or curling iron don’t use the highest temperature and don’t let the heat sit on your hair for too long.

Personally I haven’t used heat on my hair for over a year and I usually air dry after I wash my hair.


11. Trim those split ends



It is important to trim your hair as the split ends of your hair will not encourage hair growth,  by trimming off those dead ends it will help your hair to be and look healthier – your ends will also keep breaking if you fail to trim.

I do however believe that you don’t necessarily have to trim on a regular basis but after knowing your own hair you can be the judge of that…



I trim twice a year.



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