Quick Guide On Protective Hairstyles.

Quick Guide On Protective Hairstyles.

Protective hairstyles are styles designed to protect the ends of one’s hair- eliminating the chances of damage like shedding and breakage. Protective hairstyles are suitable to all hair types whether natural or relaxed hair.

The importance of tucking away those ends is that the end of your strands are the oldest making it the most fragile part of the hair which means that care and protection is essential.

When you wash, condition, detangle and style your hair it often causes pulling on the hair resulting to weaker hair- however protective styling is a solution to this and incorporating protective hairstyles in to your hair routine keeps your hair away and not to be out loose- eliminates constant manipulation (styling) on the hair.

It is important however to be aware that without careful installation and upkeep protective hairstyles can also cause damage. For example hair that is pulled back too tight can cause tension on your hairline- increasing the chances of the hair becoming weak and breaking off. Protective hairstyles are also aimed to protect all other aspects of your hair.

Too much of anything is not good for you and that goes for protective styles

It is important to sometimes let your hair breathe or change up your styles now and again. It could be from box braids to a tidy bun.

Apart from protecting your hair, other benefits of protective styles is these styles help to grow healthier, longer hair, it is a helpful aid to retaining length, other benefits include reduced split ends, tangling and knots, protection in the cold and dry season, heat damage and even friction (cotton pillows, scarves and jumpers)

If you’re not sure of what protective style to try next I have a few suggestions down below.

Guys don’t hesitate to comment down below what your favourite style is

  • Updo hairstyles: Buns, Top Knot, beehive, and Pineapple. You can put your own personal [twist] on any of the styles mentioned.
  • Braids: Box, Cornrows, Fishtail, Yarn twists, Two or Three strand twist, braided down twists, Ghana and Fulani braids- some of these styles can be worn under wigs and weaves
  • Other styles that can protect the hair include Wigs, Weaves (sew in) Bantu knots and African threading hairstyles

Remember to always moisturize your hair in these styles; do not leave them in for too long, as your hair needs to breathe.

Lastly don’t forget to wear a protective style to bed – even if it is chunky plaits or twists.


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